How We Do It

The Growing Process

We use top graft in our planting where we select the best budwood and Rootstock that are free and clean from any pest or diseases

Our propagation staff are well trained for this process.

Top grafting process take 4-5 weeks to have the plant ready for transplanting.

The temperatures and hygiene is well maintained inside the our propagation house which make us have clean and plant free from any disease.

Harvesting is done by well trained staff that are aware of the market need and maintain high quality handling

We apply good agricultural practices and procedure in our growing that enable us the to have at the best and as per the requirements by the market and as per the agricultural procedure

All all our packing is done in controlled temperature inside the cold room hence maintaining a well cool chain from packing to transport and lastly to the airport

Our packaging materials are from good quality manufacturers hence making our product reach the client in good condition.

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