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Royal And Fresh is a flower Grower incorporated in Kenya, We grow exceptionally big head roses at our farm located at the slopes of Aberdare ranges at the attitude of 2200m.

We are known to produce, pack and deliver our flowers on time, we pride on our quick and timely delivery of high quality roses.

We also have our marketing partner and logistic Cartesia Blooms International with experience of more than 15 years in the field . Cartesia Blooms is our sourcing agent who enable us to be one stop shop for the product we do not produce.

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Quality flowers hand picked just for you

Quality Flowers

We've made it our priority to deliver high quality flowers free from pests and diseases and those that have a long vase life.


Box packagaes are available

Superb Packaging

Our flowers are packaged with high tech sfk and and also sleeves to enhance durability during the delivery process


Cargo freight delivery option

Delivery Services

We use the best cargo freights to deliver our flowers to your destination in perfect condition.

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